Public Meetings

Jim McComb, president of the consulting firm hired by the Redevelopment Steering Group, presented the results of his firm's market analysis on July 28, 2011.

The presentation focused on demand for downtown retail, residential, & office space and on demographics.

The Redevelopment Steering Group conducted community meetings where downtown revitalization was the focus.

The first meeting, which took place October 19, 2010, allowed the community and downtown stakeholders to share their concerns about downtown, to work together to assess downtown's strengths and weaknesses, and to suggest priorities for change. Community Meeting One was about visioning and most of the meeting was directed to interactions between those attending.

On April 14, 2011, the steering committee held open houses and presentations to discuss plans for revitalizing downtown Menomonie--based in part on what they heard from the community. At the presentations, design consultants explained preliminary redevelopment proposals. During open houses before and after the presentations, the public explored additional design concepts, provided feedback and asked questions of the consultants and steering group members.

Meeting at MTM